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EEST 50-60 Workshop-Version Battery Tester Series

  • Computerized test bench for battery maintenance
  • All battery types
  • Switched mode power supply
Electrical Energy Storage Tester
Ausstattung und Optionen
Mains Characteristics:
  • 1 channel of charge/discharge 50V / 60A
    • Main powers available are indicative ones (Voltage and intensity in charge and discharge on each channel can be adapted upon request)
  • Immediate or delayed test start.
  • Control of voltages under 16 bits.
  • Temperature Measurement with type K thermocouples.
  • Alarm for electrolyte level.
  • Shut down at predefined voltages Min, Max or delta V.
  • Shut down as a function of time - Protection against temperature defect.
  • Set up of multiple cycles and / or sequences
  • Functioning in “local” mode, electronic management, if computer failure.
  • Possibility of controlling the EEST from a remote location.
  • Printing and automatic filing of data at the end of the test.
  • Data protection and results saving and backup in case of power shutdown.
  • Test result storage and research by user defined criteria.
  • Curves drawing per phase.

  • Connection systems for battery elements voltage, measurement or deep discharge

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We test, you produce.
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