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H 6000 Hydrogen Portable Leak Tester

The H 6000, a new comer in the ATEQ range of leak detectors, is one of the finest gas tracer and hydrogen leak detectors on the market today. This gas is less expensive than Helium gas. Furthermore, it’s a volatile, non-toxic and nonpoisonous gas with any environmental impact.

The H 6000 is equipped with all features for easy integration in industrial process and laboratory one.

  • Cost effective solution
  • Volatile gas with low viscosity
  • Independent of test volume and temperature
  • Leak localization
For fine leak detection
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Main Features:
  • Detection of leaking gas traces
  • Range: 1.10-4 mbar l/s to 2.10-2 mbar l/s
  • Generated Suction Flow control
  • 128 programs
  • IP 54 protection
  • Internal memory: 2 Go
  • Visual (red/green leds) and audible signal for results
  • USB port
  • Battery: 12VDC 4400 mA/h - Lithium Polymer technology
  • Easy removable battery pack - Autonomy 8 hours
  • Bag for H 6000

Measurement principle:
  • The part is filled with hydrogen gas 5% in Nitrogen gas.
  • For localization, the leaking gas is attracted in a suction probe to the sensor.

  • HVAC, Refrigeration and Automotive Leak Detection
  • Automotive: leak localization, cooling systems, alloy wheel, …
  • Domestic Appliances: compressor, …
  • Oxygen cabin supply system for cabin pressurization, kerosene tanks testing

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